“As long as it fits in a plane”, we can handle your shipment!



GCL offers a professional and comprehensive Airfreight service committed to the safe, reliable and cost effective delivery of your consignment. Our dedicated network of integrated Air and Ground Services, combine to ensure timely customs clearance and delivery for your cargo every time.

Our exceptional relationships with the world’s major commercial airlines, cargo carriers and charter operators results in our customer’s goods receiving the very best attention on its every single journey.

Air freight services include not limited to:

  • Capacity and Preferential Airlines
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Insurance
  • Direct flight and consolidated flows
  • Air to Air
  • Packaging and Value added Services
  • Door to door freight service
  • Urgent Transport – AOG, 24/7
  • Sea-Air
  • Multimodal Services
  • Express
  • Chartering

And are agile to customize and fulfill the demands of the customers

Gouniversal Airfreight solutions offer you the flexibility to meet a variety of transit time requirements from “yesterday to next week” while allowing you to manage your transportation costs effectively. Through our extensive network around the world you have access to all your markets through a single source.

Our Preferred Carriers Program leverages our strategic partnerships with airlines to provide access to whatever capacity is needed at very competitive and affordable pricing and transit times that meet your shipment requirements.

Gouniversal’s dedicated team ensures your freight is handled with the utmost security while complying with all customs and regulatory provisions.

GCL has the resources and experience to plan and execute the right air transportation solution for you every time.